Board Nomination

Voting Membership and Elections

In 2013, our founding members were dedicated to creating a responsive, viable health care delivery system for their community. Voting members have had a direct voice since the beginning. That includes you!

Voting Members

Voting members elect our Board of Directors, the governing body that hires the chief executive officer and makes major policy decisions. They also elect the chair of the Standing Nominating Committee, which nominates Board candidates, and vote on changes to our bylaws and on advisory resolutions.

Members age 18 and older are eligible to vote. For more information, call Larry Turney at 406-447-3309 or email

Voting takes place in the fall. All voting members are sent an election notice and ballot. You can vote by mail or at the annual membership meeting which is held in the 4th Quarter each year.

Serve on the Board of Directors

Montana Health CO-OP is governed by a board that includes members from both Mountain Health CO-OP (Idaho) and Montana Health CO-OP (Montana). This consumer Board of Directors hires the organization’s chief executive officer and sets the strategy, policy, and direction for our organization. Every year, several positions come open for election. The application process begins early in the year, with candidates selected for election by October.  You can download our board application below.

Please mail your application to:
Montana Health CO-OP/Board Application
P.O. BOX 5358
Helena MT 59604

Or send electronically to:

Annual Membership Meeting

All members can attend our annual membership meeting, which takes place in the 4th Quarter each year. Voting for Board members and bylaw amendments takes place at the annual meeting, as well as by mail.