Brokers Overview

We recognize Idaho health insurance brokers are a key part of our success. We are the newest health insurance company in Idaho, it is true. But we are backed by $75 million in reserves, and we are here to stay. We know your clients will appreciate having another, more affordable choice for their health insurance.

If you haven’t become an appointed agent for Mountain Health CO-OP, we invite you to do so.  Please call broker team at 855-447-2900 to learn more, or send us an email at

Have questions?  Call us at 855-447-2900.

Broker Portal

Our broker portal is unsurpassed in its ease of use, full functionality and unique connections to information you need.  Available 24/7/365, our broker portal enables you to:

  • Get instant quotes
  • Estimate tax credits and see premiums that reflect those tax credits
  • Review all your clients’ information (for MHC direct sales)
  • Complete your sale

Order Supplies

Contact our broker team at 855-447-2900 to receive our latest sales brochures.