Drug List

Prescription drug coverage is an important consideration in any health insurance plan. Please click on the link below to see if your prescriptions are covered and at what level. Have questions?  Call us at 855-447-2900.

Have questions?  Call us at 1-855-447-2900.

New Member Benefit!

Mountain Health CO-OP has partnered with Rx Savings Solutions to help you and your family save money on prescription medications.

Rx Savings Solutions is the easiest, most comprehensive online prescription tool that shows you all the ways to spend less money on your prescriptions. It will also automatically alert you if you are paying too much for your prescription(s) and find you other ways to get the same treatment for less money. Now you can easily see all the ways you can save money on your personal prescriptions, according to your health plan.

Enroll in your account or call the Rx Savings Solutions Pharmacy Support Team at 1-800-268-4476 to activate your account.