Provider Finder


For 2018 coverage, below are links to lists of in-network providers.  Choose your coverage plan  to review the doctors and hospitals available under Mountain Health CO-OP coverage.

Access Care

Access Care coverage is offered in Eastern and North Central Idaho

Click here to search for professional providers in the Access network. 


Offered in Northern Idaho in these five counties, with additional providers listed below.  Please note that Engage providers may be in either Tier 1 or Tier 2. Using Tier 1 providers means receiving a higher level of benefits.

Click here to search for professional providers in the Engage network. 


Link coverage is offered in the Treasure Valley, Magic Valley, Wood River Valley and McCall areas.

Click here to search for providers in the Link network.

For Members with Employer Coverage Only

For members covered by an employer group, Mountain Health CO-OP has additional providers located outside of Idaho, Montana and Utah.  Click here and choose “Client Specific Network” and enter MHC in the search among these providers, only if you are covered by an employer plan.