General Questions

What is a health insurance CO-OP? How does it differ from a traditional insurance company?

How did CO-OPs begin?

What is Mountain Health CO-OP?

How will CO-OPs address the rising cost of healthcare?

How will Mountain Health CO-OP help the state’s uninsured population?

Individuals & Families

Why is Mountain Health CO-OP more affordable?

What plans does Mountain Health CO-OP offer?

How much do the plans cost?

Am I covered when I'm traveling outside of Idaho?

Why should I choose Mountain Health CO-OP?

What is the health insurance marketplace/exchange?

What is a tax credit and how can it help me save money?

How do I know if I qualify for a tax credit?

What is the University of Utah Health Plans?

Do you have online claims information?

What do I do since Idaho isn’t expanding Medicaid? Will I have to pay a fee?

Are the Silver Cost Share Reduction plans available off of the state health insurance marketplace/exchange, Your Health Idaho?

Small Business Owners

What are my choices?

How will Mountain Health CO-OP save me time and money?

What is Altius/Conventry?

Do you have online claims information?

What is the Affordable Care Act?

What does the Affordable Care Act have to do with CO-OPs?

What is the health insurance exchange – Your Health Idaho?

How will Your Health Idaho affect my employees?

What is a tax credit?

How soon can my employees receive coverage?

Who can I contact for more information?


Why should I join the Mountain Health CO-OP network?

What are your networks?

How do I submit a claim?

When does coverage begin?

How can I learn more?