Make a Payment

For payments for 2018 coverage, please call Montana Health CO-OP at 1-855-447-2900. 

Invoices for January 2018 coverage are being mailed right now. 

After you receive your invoice, you can make payment online, by mail or by phone.

To pay online, you will need your new Subscriber ID number, your last name and your birth date.

Click here to pay online.

For 2018 coverage, use this address to mail in your payment:

Mail with your invoice remittance coupon to:
Montana Health CO-OP
P.O. Box 410035
Salt Lake City, UT 84141-0035

For 2017 coverage ONLY — If you enrolled through, the federal health insurance marketplace:

For your initial payment only

Pay Online – Pay with credit card or electronic check

Pay By check or money order

Expedite (overnight) by check or money order

For subsequent payments

Your monthly premium invoice will be mailed to your mailing address on file. If you have questions on your billing or would like to change to an emailed invoice, please call 1-877-849-9690 and the customer service team will assist you.

Pay by bank account, credit or debit card

Automatic withdrawal

Pay by phone

Pay by check

Overnight Payments

View your invoice

Log into My Online Services

If you enrolled directly with 
Montana Health CO-OP:

Options for initial payments

If you did not pay at the end of the online enrollment process, you must use your paper invoice and pay by mail, or call us.  We can take a payment over the phone, or set up your online account.  If you didn’t make a payment when signing up, an invoice will be sent to you within 10 days of your submission.

Options for subsequent payments

Pay by EFT (Pay with credit card or electronic check)

Pay By check or money order

Expedite (overnight) by check or money order

If you need additional information, please call our Customer Service at 855-447-2900.