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See the August 2017 newsletter below for information on how to earn a $25 gift card, jut for sending in your child's immunization records!

December 2017 Newsletter

Health Insurance Literacy
How to Find an In Network Provider
MHC Member Policy Documents

September 2017 Newsletter

Substance Use and Mental Health Issues
Healthy Aging and Smoking

August 2017 Newsletter

Earn a $25 gift card for sending us childhood immunization records
Eating and Cooking Outdoors FDA Toolkit

July 2017 Newsletter

Substance Abuse: A Focus on Youth
National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)

June 2017 Newsletter

Prescription Opioid Awareness
June is National Safety Month
Be Prepared – Extreme Heat Information and Tools

May 2017 Newsletter

National Stroke Awareness Month and National High Blood Pressure Education Month - May 2017
Improving Health Care Quality
No Tobacco Day – May 31st

October Newsletter

It's Flu Season! Your flu vaccine is FREE!
Back ache? A guide for seeking care
Pregnant? Regular visits mean healthy baby, healthy mother
Immunizations and Preventive Care Cost You $0
Managing Long Term Medication Therapy


How to view your claims online

Commitment to Quality

CAHPS Survey

Contact Info

Our partners
Contact information

Doctor visits

How in-network doctors and hospitals save you money
Annual checkups
Immunizations and Preventive Care at No Cost to You
Well Child & Adolescent Exams Covered at 100% -- No Cost to You!

Glossary terms

Insurance acronyms and definitions

Member Experience

MHC Member Survives, and Thrives, after Grizzly Bear Attack

Money-saving tips

Generic drugs
In-network providers

Monthly Premium

Payment options
Make Your Premium Payment each Month – Automatically!
Make Sure your Mailed Payment Reaches us On Time…Where to Send Your Monthly Premium
For MHC Members Receiving a Tax Credit: How the 90 Premium Payment Grace Period Works
What is the Grace Period for Members Who Buy Directly from MHC?

Prescription Drugs

MHC’s Prescription Drug Policies: Our Goal is to Help our Members


Colon cancer screening for those 50 and over
Managing Long Term Medication Therapy
Pregnant? Regular visits mean a healthy baby, health mother