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We believe Montana’s doctors and hospitals should be fairly compensated for the work they perform. By making health insurance affordable for more Montanans, we’re helping providers like you deliver the treatment your patients need while reducing your unreimbursed care. We hope you’ll join the multitude of Montana providers who have partnered with us already.

To learn more or join our network, please fill out this form or call us 406-447-5777.

What makes us different?

As a true nonprofit, member-owned health insurance co-op, we’re all about making health insurance less costly for everyone, including the low-income segment of our population. We keep marketing and overhead to a minimum to keep our insurance affordable. And we are required by law to return any profit to our members in the form of lower premiums and expanded benefits.

What networks do we offer?

At Montana Health CO-OP, we offer two networks you can join:

Connected Care Coverage
  • Unique plans offering members significant cost savings combined with a select network of providers committed to maintaining affordability by emphasizing preventative healthcare. Accepted by doctors and hospitals across the state. Limited provider choices in Billings and Missoula.

Access Care Coverage
  • Access Care plans are standard PPO products available statewide. They offer our widest network, including doctors and hospitals across the state.