What is MHC?

Had enough of the sky-high prices and impersonal service of big health insurance companies in Montana? You’re not alone.

We believe everyone in Montana deserves the financial security that comes with affordable health insurance. That’s why Montanans came together in 2013 to create a less expensive alternative to the big health insurance companies. One that’s run by its members, for its members—not Wall Street. One that shares profits with its members—not shareholders. One that’s focused on your needs—not just ours.


Affordable health insurance for Montana.

Montana Health CO-OP offers quality, affordable coverage to all Montanans, including large and small businesses. We spend as little as possible on marketing and overhead so we can keep our premiums low. And as a nonprofit CO-OP, we must—by law—use the profit we earn to lower prices and provide additional benefits for members.

Why join us?

  • You can save money.
  • Our plans are accepted by doctors and hospitals across the state.
  • As a CO-OP member, you have a voice and a vote in how the CO-OP is run. Our board of directors, who govern our company, must be made up of a majority of our members – not big business.

What do we stand for?

  • Our Mission:  We offer non-profit member-governed health insurance that promotes member engagement and provides access to high quality medical care.
  • Our Vision:  Champion a more innovative, member-centric healthcare delivery system by promoting the triple aim where providers are engaged to improve population health , improve individual healthcare, and control healthcare spending.
  • Our Core Values:
    • Customer focus
    • Communication
    • Quality
    • Integrity
    • Responsibility
    • Respect
    • Credibility
    • Innovation
    • Teamwork

It all comes back to you.

The cost of health insurance and medical care are two of the greatest challenges facing Montana today. We believe big health insurance companies have had their way for way too long—and that Montanans have waited long enough.  Help us bring some common sense—and competition—back to Montana health insurance. Join us!

Montana Health CO-OP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or health status in the administration of the plan, including enrollment and benefit determinations.